Business Assessment

Try our complimentary service to see how switching to Microsoft Teams can save you money and modernise your communications.

What is the business assessment?

Migrating your PBX estate to Microsoft Teams is a big decision but it doesn’t have to be complicated to assess whether this is the right thing for your business.

At omovo we’ve developed a simple assessment to give you the critical information you need to make an informed decision; whether you are looking to migrate from an existing PBX or even a legacy on-premise Microsoft Lync environment.

How do we do it?

Our experience has shown that the following two questions are the key to determining whether a migration to Microsoft Teams will be a success for your organisation. The business assessment tailored report informs decision making by answering these for you based on your existing IT and Telephony estate.

Is there a business case for the change?

We will look at your current as-is spend and translate this into what it would be in a Skype for Business and Teams environment.

You will be provided with a report of how your spend will change and a clear breakdown of where any savings are achieved.

Will this change work for your users?

Critical to a successful migration is validating that the baseline telephony capability you’re users are used to with your current PBX will remain available to them in the new Microsoft Teams environment.

You will be provided with a report on any functional gaps as well as a site by site compliance score.

Business Assessment

With this information to hand you’ll be able to know for certain that a decision to migrate will make financial sense for your business and deliver both the fundamental telephony capability your users expect along with all the enhanced collaboration tools core to any modern communications system.

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