Cloud Voice for Office 365

Service provider grade inbound and outbound PSTN service for Office 365 all in the cloud and on-demand.

What is Cloud Voice for Office 365?

Service provider grade PSTN

Cloud Voice for Office 365 lets you bring the benefits of service provider grade PSTN into your Teams tenant on Office 365.

In the case that you would prefer not to worry about server infrastructure, managing network connectivity, SIP trunks or integrating with your existing PBX then Cloud Voice for Office 365 may be a good fit for your business.

For a fixed per-user per-month (PUPM) rate your users will be enabled with full inbound and outbound PSTN access on your Teams tenant on Office 365. No need for any on-premises hardware or new software to learn and manage. Your service will be spun up in our highly secure data centre and you can simply turn on users as and when you need them.

Why Service Provider Grade PSTN?

PSTN access from Microsoft can be sufficient for very small businesses but as a larger organisation your telecom needs are more complex and demand additional capability to keep your business running.

Advanced Number Porting

Flexibility to port or acquire any UK number ranges whether individual or in contiguous blocks.

Add Business Applications

Your ability to add additional telecoms applications is not limited strictly by what is in Office 365, instead you can consume services such as PCI Compliance, Inbound Call Analytics, Hunt Groups, etc

Consumption, PPM International

Pence per-minute consumption billing available to all users instead of having to purchase expensive international call packages up-front and for any user needing to make even a single international call.

Coexist with your PBX

Give yourself the flexibility to incrementally transition from your PBX.

Why Cloud Voice for Office 365?

We recognise that for many businesses their objective is to reduce the need for on-premises deployed software and hardware. In this case Cloud Voice for Office 365 may be a good fit for your business. What are some of the benefits of the Hosted model?

Fully Managed

All parts of the system from the server, virtualisation, network, Microsoft Teams tenant, Session Border Controllers right through to the SIP trunk are managed by OMOVO on your behalf.

OPEX Model

There is no upfront CAPEX spend required on servers, appliances or SBCs, nor will you incur any additional costs to rack, power, install, maintain and configure on-premises equipment.

Per-User Per-Month Pricing

Expect to migrate your users over time? Our PUPM pricing model is all inclusive so you merely pay for what you use as you migrate users onto the platform

No PBX Integration Required

No need to bother the telecoms team or incur costs from your managed telecoms provider. Migrate users at a pace that works for your business. As you move users, we port their numbers and enable them for voice – that’s it

Quality of Service

The service can be delivered into your sites via quality assured network connectivity or over the public internet. Start with accessing the service over the internet and migrate to dedicated network once your estate is larger.


We get you to no PBX

Specialist PBX to UC Migration Team

We are a specialist team wholly focused on helping you move from your PBX into a full UC solution. We’ve been through it before and we can save you time and expense to get up and running.

Out of the box setup

We don’t just provide a box that you then need to learn, configure and integrate. With OMOVO you get both the server application, our expertise and optional management. Your cost is fixed and you know that when we leave the job is done with nothing left to configure or troubleshoot by your in-house teams.

Single Point of Support

When you subscribe to Cloud Voice for Office 365 we are your single point of support. No need to bounce incidents off multiple suppliers. We will support the Microsoft Teams tenant, the PSTN access connected to it and Network connectivity to your site should you choose to take it.

Next Steps..

You choose, we deliver

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