PSTN Gateway for Office 365

Enabling simple, full PSTN access for Skype for Business on Office 365. No ongoing license fees, no additional professional services costs, we install, we configure and you benefit.

PSTN Gateway for Office 365: Direct PSTN

What is Direct PSTN?

No integration required PSTN for Office 365

The direct integration approach is our ordinary PSTN Gateway for Office 365 solution where we integrate directly into our PSTN for Office 365 service. No integration with your existing PBX is required and we can start your user migration as soon as we deploy the Gateway into your network.

No Impact and Fast

With Direct PSTN there is no impact on your existing PBX or telecoms estate. You subscribe to the quantity of users you need, provide us with the users’ telephone number and that’s it – we do the rest. This is often the preferred route in organisations where access to reconfigure the PBX is restricted due to things like: change control, existing managed service agreements with a PBX provider, licensing constraints or other reasons.

Cost Reduction

Using Direct PSTN allows you to interconnect with the telephone network over quality assured PSTN circuits ensuring reliable and consistent call quality for your most important calls and conferences.

Quality of Service

By going direct, as you move more users onto this platform you can simultaneously reduce PBX and/or SBC licenses as well as the quantity of ISDN30 or SIP channels you have connected to your legacy PBX.