Managed Cloud PBX+

What is Managed Cloud PBX+?

When you subscribe to Managed Cloud PBX+ the OMOVO team takes on full responsibility for maintaining, managing and monitoring both Cloud PBX (on Office 365) and your PSTN Gateway for Office 365.

With Managed Cloud PBX+ our team of experts are available 24x7x365 to underpin the reliability of your Skype for Business solution and give you the confidence of having a rigorously supported platform that won’t let your users down or consume your finite in-house expertise.

24x7x365 Service Desk

Single Service Desk front-end that will own issues from start to finish across all components

1-hour Response SLA

With a 1-hour response SLA you can be confident we’re there when you need us

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive 24×7 monitoring of the PSTN Gateway for Office 365 platform

Skype for Business Online Management

We take on delegated management of your Skype for Business Online and Cloud PBX tenant

Inclusive Service Requests

User moves, adds and changes are included with Managed Cloud PBX+

Software updates & patch management

We take care of the timely and controlled deployment and tracking of software updates and patches

Why Managed Cloud PBX+?

Managed Cloud PBX+ frees your team from the additional expense and overhead required to hire specialised expertise or add capacity into existing roles to support, maintain and manage both Office 365/Cloud PBX and PSTN Gateway for Office 365. Your teams can stay focused on your core IT environment and avoid worrying about things like updating server software versions, managing capacity, monitoring for faults, security events and other complex changes.

We recognise that different IT teams have different constraints so this service is always an optional add-on to PSTN Gateway for Office 365 giving you the choice on whether to do this in-house or not. You’re also under no ongoing commitment – if you’re expecting a busy period, just need technical support or have undergone staff changes and need help filling a gap we are here to help with a service that can be turned on and off monthly as your needs change.


Simple Pricing

No complex managed service options the service is specifically designed to wrap around PSTN Gateway for Office 365 ensuring the platform is properly maintained with no impact to your teams.


No ongoing commitment required. If you’re expecting a busy period, have just undergone staff changes or just need support on specific technical issues we are here to help with a service that can be turned on and off monthly as your needs change.


If you have the expertise and resources available then don’t worry about taking the managed service. PSTN Gateway for Office 365 can be entirely managed in-house by your IT teams but should your needs change it is available as and when required.

Technical Expertise

We’re specialists in Telecoms and Skype for Business and with the managed service offering you’ll have the assurance of our experience and expertise making sure your platform is always available, secure and giving your teams optimal performance and quality

ITIL Aligned

Our managed service is designed around ITIL so we can speak a common language with our customers around the services that we will fulfil on their behalf.

Relieve Pressure on your Teams

Your teams already have enough on the go let alone having to pick up an additional platform and new technologies to manage and maintain.

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