Planning your move to Microsoft Teams?

Our tailored PBX Migration and PSTN services make it simple to transition users to Teams. No big bang transition required, just add capacity as you go.

The PBX Migration Specialists

We help you leave your PBX behind by bringing everything together in one place to sort your move to Intelligent Communications and the Cloud.

Backfill remaining legacy PBX capabilities.

We provide a suite of services designed to fill those functional gaps that impede migration to Microsoft Teams.

PSTN Gateway for Office 365: PBX Integrated

PBX Integrated

Leverage your existing PBX estate for Office 365

The PBX integrated approach is our ordinary PSTN Gateway for Office 365 solution where we integrate directly into your existing PBX platform. With this option there is no need to purchase any new PSTN subscriptions as we’ll re-use the capacity you already have connected to your PBX. We’ll provide precise guides to your IT and/or Telecoms team to specify the configuration required on the PBX to enable interoperability with our platform.

Re-use existing Connectivity

Going with the PBX integrated approach can be a cost-effective approach for your business as you can re-use existing telephony connectivity.

Retain centralised tools

The PBX integrated approach can also be beneficial if you want to retain existing centralised telecoms management platforms such as telecoms expense management or event and performance monitoring applications.

Fixed Install Cost

Unlike other platforms which require the uncertainty of a time and materials professional services costs to integrate with your PBX, your costs with PSTN Gateway for Office 365 are always fixed. You will never be surprised by additional or un-budgeted professional services costs, if there are any surprises that is on us.