PSTN for Office 365

Simple, Seamless PSTN connectivity for Cloud PBX

What is PSTN for Office 365?

PSTN for Office 365 works alongside the PSTN Gateway for Office 365 platform to provide you with capacity for making and receiving telephone calls from Skype for Business with the option of dedicated network connectivity when quality of service is a must.

PPM Billing

For your international calls you’ll have the benefit of competitive PPM rates and being charged only for what you use, no need to pre-buy international minutes packages on a per-user basis.

Corporate Minute Bundles

Your users will benefit from minute bundles aggregated at a corporate level based on the number of users subscribed.

Managed Number Porting

Inclusive managed porting ensures you are never out of service during transition from your legacy PBX to Skype for Business. Need new numbers? Blocks of any size from any UK region are available as required.

No Integration Required

No testing or complex integration required, this service works out of the box with the OMOVO PSTN Gateway for Office 365.

No long-term commitment

Bringing on interim staff during a busy period? This service is truly consumption based with no long-term commitment on your user quantities, add or remove users as you need them on a monthly basis

Dedicated Bandwidth

As adoption grows within your organisation you can add dedicated Ethernet circuits to your offices to ensure quality of service on the voice connectivity to Office 365.

Retain key PBX Features

Go beyond Skype for Business capability with optional advanced capabilities such as PCI Compliance, IVRs, ACDs, enhanced Call Logging, Hunt Groups and even business continuity to your mobiles as required.

No Big Bang Required

No integration required meaning you can migrate users over at a pace that works for your business. When you want to move users, you provide the phone numbers and we do the rest.

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