PSTN Gateway for Office 365

Enabling simple, full PSTN access for Skype for Business on Office 365. No ongoing license fees, no additional professional services costs, we install, we configure and you benefit.

What is PSTN Gateway for Office 365?

Service provider grade PSTN

PSTN Gateway for Office 365 lets you bring the benefits of service provider grade PSTN into Office 365. For a fixed one-off cost PSTN Gateway for Office 365 is installed into your data centre, configured and integrated with your Skype for Business Online tenant and your choice of PSTN access service: either integrated via your PBX or directly using the PSTN for Office 365 service from OMOVO.

Inclusive with this installation is the preparation of the Gateway for remote management should you elect to have OMOVO help with in-life monitoring and management of the platform through our optional Managed Cloud PBX+ service wrap.

Why Service Provider Grade PSTN?

PSTN access from Microsoft can be sufficient for very small businesses but as a larger organisation your telecom needs are more complex and demand additional capability to keep your business running.

Advanced Number Porting

Flexibility to port or acquire any UK number ranges whether individual or in contiguous blocks.

Add Business Applications

Your ability to add additional telecoms applications is not limited strictly by what is in Office 365, instead you can consume services such as PCI Compliance, Inbound Call Analytics, Hunt Groups, etc

Consumption, PPM International

Pence per-minute consumption billing available to all users instead of having to purchase expensive international call packages up-front and for any user needing to make even a single international call.

Coexist with your PBX

Give yourself the flexibility to incrementally transition from your PBX.

Why PSTN Gateway for Office 365?

PSTN Gateway for Office 365 is a core component of our integrated product portfolio. When combined with our PSTN Service (PSTN for Office 365) and our in-life Management services (Managed Cloud PBX+) the burden of connecting Skype for Business to the PSTN is completely removed from your IT team. Certainly there are many other Cloud Connector Edition based platforms available on the market but none deliver as integrated a service instead leaving the remaining components as separate activities for your IT department to deal with.

No new Monitoring and Management

Consider how the new appliance will be monitored and managed in-life – do you have the tools? Time? Interest? With PSTN Gateway for Office 365 Monitoring and Management can be added-on easily with our Managed Cloud PBX+ service. Take it when you need it and keep it only for as long as you need it.

No Hidden Costs

With other Cloud Connector Edition appliances it is not just the one-off cost of the unit but it also comes with ongoing software license charges and/or hardware and software maintenance fees.

No new Expertise Required

PSTN Gateway for Office 365 is configured for you out of the box at no additional charge, with other Cloud Connector Edition appliances the configuration of the appliance to integrate with your environment is either an additional professional service charge or additional time burden to your finite internal resources.


We get you to no PBX

Specialist PBX to UC Migration Team

We are a specialist team wholly focused on helping you move from your PBX into a full UC solution. We’ve been through it before and we can save you time and expense to get up and running.

Out of the Box Setup

We don’t just provide a box that you then need to learn, configure and integrate. With OMOVO you get both the server application, our expertise and optional management. Your cost is fixed and you know that when we leave the job is done with nothing left to configure or troubleshoot by your in-house teams.

Integrated & Flexible Product Line

We don’t just provide one piece of the solution. The combination of PSTN Gateway for Office 365, PSTN for Office 365 and Managed Cloud PBX+ means the burden and complexity of getting full PSTN access into Skype for Business can be wholly removed from your IT Team. At the same time we recognise it is not one size fits all so it remains up to you which ones you need and when.

Next Steps..

You choose, we deliver

Choose whether to use your existing PSTN circuits through PBX Integration or to go direct using our PSTN for Office 365 per-user subscriptions.

Remember, the service is flexible so if you want to get off to a quick start with Direct PSTN and later switch to PBX Integrated (or vice-versa) that is no problem and is completed at no additional cost to you.

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